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A little about our station

Sure, we have talk shows, but we still play more music through the talk show than all the other stations. We have state of the art equipment with quality trained DJ's streaming the music.

Our mission statement – We could never be like the other stations and tell you we have the best music, because in reality, it's all the same anyway whether you play top 40, rock or country, it is all the same music right? Absolutely. What we can tell you is that we strive to bring you the BEST MIX of music that you love. 

We try to be different why, because we are different, we don't claim to be better. I mean, you can turn to a better radio station but then again; you'd have to listen to them, what's that mean? More talk than music, you don't want that. We know what you want, not just a better mix of music but MORE MUSIC 24/7.

Company policies – We know you love to win prizes, but we do have to keep it fair. With an extensive audience listening to us daily, like yourself, they want to win as well so we have to be considerate and really allow any one person to win prizes only once every 30 days. We know most stations make it only once every 60 days but we're different, (in other words: much cooler than them other stations). For most of our contests, you need to be at least 18 years old to win. I know, I know it sucks but it's the rules. We do appreciate you listening though.

We know there are some people that always have a complaint, but comments are better, that's why we have the CONTACT US page. Just get a hold of us for any questions, comments or complaints you have.

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Would you like to record a CD of your own or even just a demo? We have a studio to fit all your recording needs. Just check us out anytime and learn what we can do to help make your recording dreams come true. 

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